Your best way to relax

This is useful not only for speaking the same language as your loved ones, but also for your own development and comfort.

For example, depending on your leading representational system, you can choose a more convenient way of memorizing the material you need, a way of learning that is more suitable for you. After all, we learn every day – regardless of the fact that we have been out of school for a long time.

A visual learner needs to see pictures, illustrations, text, and diagrams. That’s how he learns new material better.

A kinesthetic person needs to touch things, to try to do things during the learning process, to take notes, to sketch.

Audiologists perceive information better by hearing, so webinars, audio recordings, live voice are the best methods of learning and understanding for them.

It is important for digitals to understand the topic logically, build charts, diagrams, establish the relationship of elements.

This information can help you choose the most comfortable way to understand and assimilate information.

But since there aren’t many pure types, experiment. Perhaps in some cases you have one perceptual system working more actively, and in another one another. If you are self-conscious, your level of attention, and therefore energy, increases.

Depending on your leading system of perception certain kinds of rest can be the most useful to you.

For example, a kinesthetician especially needs both movement and relaxation. Of course, anyone with a body needs both. But a kinesthetic is especially sensitive to muscle looseness or tension.

If you are this type, be sure to include active exercises to stimulate the body and ways to relax – relaxation, yoga, spa treatments, massage, etc. – in your rest schedule.

Audiologists appreciate good music and silence. People with other types of perception may not be indifferent to music either, but for audials the best way to relax is to unload this very channel, to be in silence or to listen to your favorite music.

Visualists rest when they load their visual channel with pleasure-visiting art galleries, admiring natural scenery, or seeing other aesthetic images. And they unload by being in meditation with their eyes closed.

Pay attention to the way you rest. Perhaps you will find a more appropriate type of rest and recovery for you.

We are different, and that’s wonderful. Let us use at our pleasure what we have received from nature. We choose our shoes according to our size. So why not find the most appropriate way for you to rest, learn, eat, regimen…. Attention to your peculiarities will make you feel calmer, more harmonious, more energetic, without spending life’s energy to overcome uncomfortable habits. This is an excellent prevention of stress, depression and neuroses, which sometimes lurk us even in such familiar matters as studying or spending free time.

As for digitals, it is commonly believed that this mode of perception arose in the process of evolution with the development of technological progress. In fact, it is in the nature of every human being to perceive the world in all ways. Therefore it is very useful to expand your perception – include in your life a variety of activities on the activation of all perception channels. Move, relax, notice the beauty of the world and people, listen to the voices of nature and the variety of sounds of the world, and your brain will develop (because our perception is directly connected to the activity of the brain). Your world will become fuller, richer, more conscious, and your life will gain new colors, feelings, and tones. And all this will fill you with new life energy!

A happy life is only our choice, our own actions! So don’t miss today’s day of happy life!